Reinventing the workplace: Why office design matters

Reinventing the workplace: Why office design matters

Reinventing the workplace: Why office design matters

Smart companies understand that workspaces are important in boosting employee morale and engagement and an office environment can reflect and reinforce a business’ core values, culture and brand through its design elements. This is a message architects and commercial property firms are increasingly taking on board as well.

In fact, research reveals how everything from artwork on the walls to workstations with natural light boost productivity. Recent research also suggests that an integrated, well-planned office design and work space significantly affects the productivity of employees and important aspects, such as the architecture, lighting or furniture are essential to the performance of the varying job functions that every employee carries out daily.

Most employees now regard their place of work as a symbol of whether they are valued by their employer and companies everywhere and of all sizes have now started investing in good office design to attract and retain talent. Some companies have started using art and design consciously in the office environment as part of their retention strategy by creating spaces their employees love to spend time in.

In recent years, technology and innovation have played a huge role in changing the definition of work and successful organisations have recognised this shift. Employers seeking innovation are now encouraging teamwork amongst workers which has resulted in openness, transparency and collaboration becoming some of the key attributes companies strive for today.

Office design has become an important medium used by companies to showcase and translate their brand attributes into a tangible vision that has a positive effect on employee performance.

Though many office workers would enjoy the freedom to customise their workplace, the final decision on design will almost always rest in the hands of top-tier staff – namely managers and directors. Due to this, office design can tell a lot about the management style of any business, and is a real opportunity for a business to shine.

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